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EMG SpikerBox Bundle

EMG SpikerBox Bundle



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Take advantage of our special EMG SpikerBox Kit. This kit comes with our EMG SpikerBox to get you recording your own (or your friends') muscle action potentials, plus the data cables to connect your EMG Spikerbox to your smartphone, iPad, and laptop. Don't just hear your spikes, see them in real time too!

This handsome packaged kit makes a great gift to both budding scientists and seasoned graduate students alike.

Product Details

The EMG SpikerBox can be used to detect the electrical activity of human muscles non-invasively using simple skin surface electrodes. With practice and patience you can even identify individual motor units and see individual muscle spikes.

Our EMG SpikerBox Kit comes with 2 different types of electrodes. One type is a sticker patch electrode that is aimed for large muscle recordings on your arm and leg. The second type are our very fancy brass popsicle stick electrodes used for small muscles like your eyeblink and finger muscles. This newest SpikerBox addition interfaces with your smartphone, iPad, and computer in the same way as our original SpikerBox. Order yours today and get started exploring muscle physiology!

Kit Contains

  • 1x EMG SpikerBox (9v battery included)
  • 3x EMG Recording Electrode Cables with Alligator Clips (Red, Black, White)
  • 6x EMG Sticker patch electrodes for large muscles
  • 1x Adjustable Wooden electrode holder for Small muscles
  • 1x Small bottle of Electrode Gel to be used with the small muscle electrode
  • 1x SmartPhone Data Cable to see/record spikes on your mobile devices
  • 1x Laptop Data Cable to view/record data onto a laptop and attach an external amplifier/speaker
  • 1x Getting Started Guide

Video of EMG SpikerBox in Action!