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The SpikerBox Bundle

The SpikerBox Bundle



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A great way to get started in Neuroscience, whether you are an amateur, a student, or a seasoned expert looking for a side project. This kit comes with our SpikerBox plus a triple-crown of cables so you can hit the ground running. It comes fully assembled and ready to go out of the box. We offer many free online experiments to get you started. The SpikerBox is a "bioamplifier" that allows you to hear and see spikes (i.e. action potentials) of real living neurons in invertebrates. Don't wait until graduate school to listen to spikes like we did. Get the SpikerBox and listen today!

Product Details

The SpikerBox Kit comes with everything you need to get started learning neuroscience. You only need to supply time, curiosity, and an invertebrate (cricket, earthworm, or cockroach) which you can order from us or pick up in a local pet store. Once you have an invertebrate, follow your getting started guide and our online experiments, and soon you will be listening to the sweet beautiful sound of spikes and seeing them in real time on your mobile device or computer. Remember all of our software and experiments are free!

Kit Contains

Video of SpikerBox in Action!